Who Is Dr Wallach

Dr Joel WallachDr Joel D. Wallach is a naturopathic doctor, veterinarian and  comparative pathologist who is revolutionizing medicine.  He was part of a monumental study that did over 10 million blood chemistries, 20,000 autopsies and in that study discovered some amazing things pertaining to disease and our health and their direct relation to essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.  He discovered that there are 90 essential nutrients and when the body is deficient in any one of those nutrients for a period of time it will develop disease; And when you replace those nutrients the disease goes away.

If you care about your health, if you care about the health of your loved ones this is a $20 investment that will change your life and the lives of those you love.  Click here to purchase Dr Wallach’s DVD.

Dr Wallach has written many scientific articles and even multiple books on these subjects. When he couldn’t get the medical community to listen he decided to become a physician himself and treat his patients with “medical” nutrition.  Wallach says- “I treat my patients like dogs .. and they get better!  Because in dogs and the animal industry we’ve learned how to eliminate over 900 diseases simply by putting minerals and vitamins in their dog food.  We’ve also eliminated every birth defect you can name (and ten times that many you can’t name) by simply putting minerals and vitamins in their dog food”.

Dr Wallach is the real deal and there is no one who has (and most likely never will) the same amount of experience he has when it comes to nutrition and seeing first hand through autopsies and the work he has done, what it can do for the body.

Dr Wallach travels the world 300 days a year giving his live presentation Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.  It’s a life changing experience but not everyone can have the chance to see him live.  This is why we’ve put together a DVD of his live presentation with full colored slides so you can see the newspaper and magazine articles that he talks about throughout his presentation.

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