Who is Dr Glidden

Dr Glidden is a naturopathic Doctor who follows all of Dr Wallach’s protocols and is on the board of Youngevity.  What is Youngevity?

Dr Glidden is an amazing source of knowledge and he has a radio show where you can call and ask him about Dr Wallach’s protocols for specific health concerns.  Dr Glidden is very good at putting the recordings of his radio shows up on YouTube and he even puts a great index at the bottom of his YouTube videos (just click on “more”).  By looking at the index you can see notes on each individual caller and that way you can fast forward to the particular part of the recording that you would like to listen to.

There are two really phenomenal cd’s by Dr Glidden that we suggest everyone listen to.

  1. Who Made MD’s King
  2. Healing Is Easy

These two cd’s along with Dr Wallach’s Best of Dead Doctor’s Don’t lie are a very powerful way to educate yourself and to help a friend or family member really capture the vision and understand this critically important message.  One of the things that makes it difficult to believe what Dr Wallach teaches is the mentality that if it really worked why wouldn’t the whole world know about it, why would the doctors know about it.  “Who Made Md’s King” explains exactly that.

If you want to easily convince a friend or family member who is a little skeptical, simply share with them these three CD’s.