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Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
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  • Learn about Dr Wallach, his story and his mission to change the way we take care of our health!
  • Discover the 90 Essential Nutrients
  • Uncover the real secret to health & longevity
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Dr Wallach has written multiple books (see a list below) his latest of which is a book called Epigenetics, The Death of The Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission.  All of the diseases that you have been told are genetic, Dr Wallach shows and proves to you in this book that they are indeed not.  Everyone is excited to read this latest book which will be available sometime in the first part of 2014. 

In Dr Wallach’s new DVD he talks about so called “Genetic Diseases” and his new book.  Purchase Dr Wallach DVD.


Dr Wallach’s Latest Book!

  • Epigenetics
  • Immortality
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
  • Energy Crisis
  • Rare Earths Forbidden Cures
  • Let’s Play Doctor
  • Let’s Play Herbal Doctor
  • God Bless America
  • Passport To Aromatherapy
  • Black Gene Lies
  • Wallach Street For Kids

Along with all of Dr Wallach’s awesome books, he also has some incredible CD’s.  You can purchase them for around only $3.  

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