Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Someone Should Go To Jail DVD Content

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Tour 2014- All New Recording!
Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
Someone Should Go To Jail
Health, Lies, and Medicine

Dr Wallach DVD

  1. Introduction
  2. Dr Wallach Opening Statement
  3. Sorry State of American Health
  4. Birth Defects are Not Genetic
  5. Genetics and DNA are Irrelevant
  6. Why Obesity is Now a Disease
  7. ADD, ADHD, Autism and Vaccinations
  8. Alzheimers- A Physician Caused Disease?
  9. Strokes and Omega 3, 6, and 9’s
  10. Hospital and Doctor Errors Kill How Many?
  11. Infections in Hospitals
  12. Pharmaceuticals
  13. Death by Minor Procedures
  14. Cholesterol Isn’t the Problem
  15. Are Mammograms, PSA Tests and Screens Safe?
  1. Your Diet and How Long You’ll Live
  2. 90 Essential Nutrients For Life
  3. The Easy Way to get Started
  4. Who Lives the Longest?
  5. What Kills Billionaires
  6. Will You Die Exercising Too?
  7. Athletes, Doctors, and Heart Attacks
  8. My Favorite Obituary
  9. Obesity and The Secret to Weight Loss
  10. Alzheimers and Dementia- Can I Get Better?
  11. Arthritis- Can I Get Rid of It?
  12. Type 2 Diabetes- Can I Eliminate It?
  13. The Secret Killer- Cholesterol or Inflammation?
  14. High Blood Pressure- Salt and Chocolate?
  15. Pointing to Center Field- Join Our Crusade

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